As part of The Sherwi Khangba Centre the Khumbu International Library is situated in Namche Bazar, which is the gateway to Mt. Everest. The library intends to house books, magazines and videos covering all aspects of the mountains in Nepal as well as the world over. Not just mountaineering and the Himalayas, but reference works covering every continents and from every mountainous region of the World. Books on expeditions, biographies, guides, historical accounts, flora and fauna and the geographical and geological features of the World, their culture, history and the early explorations are available. The library is open to all the International scholars as well as local people on a small token of fee or membership deposits. We have some 800 books and magazines which are not enough and we need assistance. Donations of books and financial help to buy books are most appreciated.


Our Conference Hall has a seating capacity of 60 people. The hall offers digital projection facility, state of the art sound system, powered by Solar powered backup electricity and much more.

We have already hosted seminars and workshop for ICIMOD, IUCN, EVK2CNR and The Mountain Institute. A Korean university hosted free medical camp in 2006.

University College of London and Smith Medical Laboratory spent three months at Sherwi Khangba conducting studies on high altitude medicine in the Spring of 2007.


  • Be a part of our team building the first library situated in the heart of the Himalayas.
  • All the books on previously mentioned subjects preferably in English language are welcome.
  • Deliver to Khumbu International Library, Sherwi Khangba Centre, Namche Bazar. Please send with your visiting friends, we will arrange pick up or post it to our postal address mentioned in our website.
  • All the contributed books will have your name as donors inside the front cover with date. For every financial contribution for the purchase of books your name will be mentioned inside the purchased books.
  • For more information please write us. Looking forward for your kind support. Thank you in advance!
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